Ocean Pacific Seafoods


Premium Marinara Mix

Fresh marinara mix with New Zealand mussels, locally caught succulent prawns, scallops, calamari and squid tentacles.

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Meat

All meat and no hassle! Just cook and eat. Grab a toothpick and go to town or use in your favourite recipe.
Renowned for their plump, large size and strong rich taste.

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels in Full Shell

These New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels are renowned for their plump, large size and very strong, rich taste. Boasting an attractive, elongated brown shell with emerald green edges - these beautiful mussels will give an impressive presentation quality to any dish.  

Marinated Mussels

World class Greenshell Mussels combined with Talley's secret marinade creates this ready to eat, exquisite treat. An ideal accompaniment for platters or any meal.

NZ Pacific Standard Oysters in Half Shell

Soft and plump Pacific Oysters. The succulent meat has a clean, pure taste. Serve with a glass of wine and good company.


NZ Pacific Jumbo Oysters in Half Shell

A generous serving of succulent, plump meat with a pure taste. With a large cupped shell and creamy white in colour, these New Zealand Pacific Oysters are visually appealing and delectable.

Scallop meat

Plump, large and luxurious meat. These locally caught gems are of excellent quality and freshness. Perfect for sashimi, searing, poaching, baking or any other cooking method you can think of.

Scallops in Half Shell

Gorgeous locally caught scallops!

With their firm, plump white flesh, moist centre and delicate clean flavour, these half shell scallops have an impressive presentation quality and are perfect for entertaining.

Scallops in Half Shell 10 Dozen Box

 A 10 dozen box of the finest, locally caught scallops. Plump, moist and snap frozen to ensure quality is at a premium. Perfect for events or to store in your freezer and defrost as needed.

Scallops in shell

Fresh locally caught scallops that have been snap frozen. Firm, plump flesh with a moist centre and a delicate sweet flavour.

Squid Tubes

With a mild, subtle delicate flavour, these squid tubes allow for a multitude of flavour combinations! Cut into rings for salt and pepper squid, or stuff with breadcrumbs and your favourite herbs

Squid Tentacles

With a firm texture and subtle flavour the same as the body of the squid, these tentacles are perfect for frying and serving as an appetizer, or thrown into a stirfry. Use in the same way you would squid tubes!

OPS Crumbed Calamari rings

250 grams of tender, locally caught calamari rings hand coated in a in-house made crispy crumb.

Serve as an appetizer or alongside a meal with lemon wedges, cocktail sauce, tartar sauce or sweet chilli mayonnaise.

Ocean Pacific Seafoods