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Well suited to Asian style cuisines as the sweetness of their flesh goes well with spicy flavours.

Banana Prawns raw

A wild-caught prawn with light, sweet flavour and a medium textured, firm white flesh. A favourite Australian prawn due to their flavour and the fact they retain their shape well when cooked.

Endeavour Prawns large cooked

They might be smaller and less impressive looking than Tiger or King prawn, however the Endeavour Prawn has been voted the best tasting wild-caught prawn in Australia. Endeavour Prawns won an industry taste-off in 2007 against every commercially caught prawn in Australian waters.

Bananas / Endeavoura / Kings

Mixed Prawns medium cooked

A mixture of medium sized Bananas and Endeavours. This visually appealing and tasty combination is ideal for platters.

Mixed Prawns Med OK Cooked

A mix of choice Ocean King Prawns and Endeavours for the prawn connoisseur. 

Ocean King large Prawns cooked

The most popular species of prawn in Australia, no doubt due to their very firm, moist flesh and rich sea-taste. A great prawn for display purposes with its bright orange colour and glossy shell.

Tiger Prawns raw

"An impressive looker. An impressive cooker"

Tiger Prawns cooked

With their striking tiger stripes that cooks up bright red, this species is medium flavoured, between Banana and Ocean King Prawns. They have a slight crunch and firm texture that holds together well when cooked.

Tiger Prawns medium cooked 5kg Box

In a handy 5kg frozen box. With their impressive bright red tiger stripes, these prawns are perfect served whole with aioli to show off their dramatic colour.


Premium King Prawn Skewers

Succulent, premium local prawns on skewers ready to be thrown on the grill or barbecue. 7 per tray.

Premium Prawn Kebabs

 Mixed prawns on kebabs ready to be thrown on the barbecue or grill. 4 per tray.

Ocean Pacific Seafoods