Ocean Pacific Seafoods


Barramundi, Wild Caught

A highly prized fish for its mild flavour and versatility in cooking. Its flesh is white, moist and tender with large flakes.  Skin off

Cod, Bar

Rockcods are a popular fish for their thick, juicy flakes which makes them perfect for hearty dishes

Cod, Maori

Soft to firm white flesh, this fish has large flakes with a sweet tasting, mild fishy flavour. One of the best eating of all the Cod's.
Also known as Brown Maori.

The Coral Trout rivals Barramundi and Red Emperor with its sensational taste!

Coral Trout - Whole

With an impressive appearance and suberb taste, Coral Trouts are a highly prized table fish. The flesh has a tasty, delicate flavour and fine flakes.

Emperor, Red

One of Australia's most highly regarded food fish with its juicy flesh and mild to sweet fishy flavour. Its bright red skin and clean white flesh make it an attractive and impressive fish to present baked whole.


These fillets are white, boneless with a soft flaky flesh, which is the reason for their ongoing popularity. Mildly flavoured and moist, they are perfect for fish & chips.


Very moist, firm flesh that has a sweet sea-taste.

Mackerel, School

Has a strong and distinctly 'fishy' flavour. Flesh has a high oiliness and medium-dry firmness. Excellent eating qualities and great on the barbecue!

Mackerel, Smoked Spanish

Hot smoked, locally caught Spanish Mackerel. A rich, smokey and aromatic flavour - you won't find this at your local supermarket!

Mackerel, Spanish

An oily fish with a medium rich, fishy flavour. The flesh is firm and flaky and is  well suited to grilling and barbecuing. A slight char will compliment the oily meat as will an acid such as vinegar, lemon or even tomato.

Perfect for sashimi with wasabi and soy sauce!

Salmon, Atlantic

Portion sizes.Flesh is firm and pink/orange in colour with a rich distinctive taste. Origin Tasmania

Salmon Portions


Salmon, Smoked Atlantic

 Hot smoked Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon. Very flavoursome and rich with a moist, flaky texture. Perfect for an impressive appetiser or no fuss dinner.

Snapper, Gold Band

A very good eating fish with a medium, sweet flavour and firm, flaky flesh.

Snapper, King

Excellent table fish. The flesh is firm and flaky with a delicate, sweet fishy taste. Very similar to Goldband Snapper
Also known as Rosy Jobfish


Snapper, Nobby

Gilled and Gutted. A moderately firm chunky flesh that has a mild fishy taste.

Whiting - Local

Whiting has a sweet and delicate flavour with flesh that has a low oiliness, is moist and flaky. Contains fine bones that are easily removed.

Ocean Pacific Seafoods